Dr. Marcus Holgersson

Dr. Marcus Holgersson is a researcher, educator, and consultant in the area of management and economics of intellectual property (IP). He has a broad educational background within the fields of industrial engineering and management, business administration and economics, corporate finance, and supply chain management. He also holds a PhD in technology management and economics, with a focus on innovation and IP.

Holgersson’s main interest is the strategic management of technology-based firms, especially the strategic use of IP for firm competitiveness. His work has dealt with a wide range of issues, such as IP policies, IP issues in M&As and divestments, IP management in small and medium-sized enterprises, IP governance of corporate innovation systems, and license pricing and royalty setting.

Holgersson is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to Avancept LLC, Holgersson is associated with the Innovation and Intellectual Property Research Group (www.ip-research.org), the Department of Technology Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology (www.chalmers.se), and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Gothenburg (www.gu.se). Dr. Holgersson regularly teaches university courses at BSc and MSc levels in Innovation Economics as well as in Strategic Management and Economics of Intellectual Property.

Dr. Marcus Holgersson
Ph.D. Economist

Counselor on
Intellectual Property

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