Avancept’s Virtual CIPO Service

Your business might not need a full-time chief intellectual property officer but don’t you need someone to shepherd your company’s Intellectual Property Assets?

Studies show that intangible assets represent the greatest component of value for most businesses in the S&P 500, and for most technology businesses their IP Assets comprise the lion’s share of their intangible assets. Yet few companies have a dedicated chief intellectual property officer (CIPO). So, who in the company looks after these IP Assets? Who applies the crucial expertise to make sure that the right decisions are made about the IP Assets? Who links up the company’s other business goals and objectives with the IP Assets? For many companies, the unfortunate answer is: no one.

Avancept does not believe that companies should have to choose between a full-time minder for the company’s IP Assets versus no minder at all. Avancept understands that many companies have not reached the size where a full-time CIPO justifiably represents a high priority for the company’s finite resources. We likewise understand that IP Assets rightfully play a somewhat de minimus role in some companies because of their unique competitive environments. Rather than let valuable IP Assets waste for lack of a qualified manager, Avancept can provide a state-of-the-art CIPO Service on an out-source basis for as much or as little time as your company needs.

While we are “pro IP” at Avancept, we provide our CIPO Service strictly in accordance with your corporate IP strategy. You don’t need to worry that your IP budget will suddenly double or that we’ll be urging you to sue every competitor for IP infringement. Our job is to shepherd the further development of your IP Assets in the manner that you see fit and link the IP Assets into your other business plans and corporate objectives.

Our CIPO Service will align itself with your IP governance and reporting structures. When requested, we can provide you with comparable information for the role of IP Assets among your competitors and within your industry. Our aim is to give direction and shape to your IP Assets in a manner that allows you to stay in control of all key IP decisions.
As part of our CIPO Service, we can also summarize and present your IP Assets in a manner that will help you identify and characterize these assets going forward. We can also assist you with developing your IP brand and a compelling story behind your IP Assets.

The virtual CIPO Service is designed for companies that are either too small to have their own full-time chief intellectual property officer or for companies where IP Assets play a small but vital role in the organization. As needed, we will interface with the executive team to fulfill the company’s IP goals. We will provide you with as much information about your IP Assets as you require, and we will provide high quality management services for your existing IP Assets.

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