Avancept’s “White Label” Services

As part of Avancept’s Business-to-Business IP Services, we are pleased to operate as consultants within your own IP-based business and provide services directly to your end-user customers.  Avancept’s White Label Services are primarily aimed at law firms, IP consultancies, and other IP-related businesses. We will operate as a virtual staff member of your business and, where needed, interface with and provide IP services directly to your end-user customers.

We have designed our “White Label” Services for both established businesses needing a little extra help and for emerging businesses that do not yet have a full staffing complement.

Avancept offers all of the services listed under IP Asset Services on a white label basis.  We can also provide many other IP services as well.  In essence, with Avancept’s “White Label” Services, you can expect us to perform just about any task that your own staff would perform for your clients. Please note that our “White Label” Services are subject to the ethics rules of various state bar associations.   For instance, the end user customer will typically need to know that Avancept is a consultant to your firm and required to act on the client’s behalf at all times. The pertinent ethics rules are somewhat similar to the third-party beneficiary rules applicable to lawyers representing clients of insurance companies.

Subject to our availability, our “White Label” Services engagements can be for time periods as short as a single project for a one client or as long as several years for a variety of projects for a mix of clients.

Note: In some instances and for some clients, our “White Label” Services will inevitably blend with the kinds of tasks envisioned under Avancept’s IP Business Advisory Services.  Avancept is mindful of its own intellectual property.  Consequently, we suggest that if you plan to ask Avancept to undertake tasks that are not completely generic that you also become an Avancept IP Business Advisory Services client.

Contact Avancept for further details.