Corporate IP Strategy Services

Avancept will help you understand your company’s IP Assets and develop a plan for using those IP Assets to enhance and complement your other corporate strategies and business plans. The goal of our IP Strategy Services is to integrate your IP strategy with your overall corporate strategy.

Studies have shown that intangible assets account for the preponderance of value of the firms that comprise the S&P 500. For technology companies, IP Assets represent the largest single component of their intangible assets. With so much of a company’s value riding on its IP Assets, it makes sense to integrate the utilization of these assets with the company’s other plans.

In our IP Strategy Services, we provide you with guidance and planning that you can comfortably and confidently provide to your board, your investors, and your potential acquirers. Our goal is quite simply to make sure that key corporate IP Assets are utilized and leveraged appropriately and integrated with everything else the company is doing or plans to do. While we are “pro IP” at Avancept, we do not evangelize our clients. We simply present our clients with all the pertinent options for the further development and exploitation of their corporate IP Assets, and we strive to link up the IP Assets with the company’s other plans and aspirations. We rarely suggest that exploitation of IP Assets should in any way dominate over the company’s other corporate plans.

We adopt a holistic approach in our IP Strategy Services, and we review all the tools potentially and actually at your disposal. Although we are fond of patents, don’t expect our strategic advice to be as simple as: “file more patents” or even “file 5 more patents on the left-handed foomerantz product.” That’s hardly a strategy, and that’s not how we work.

In developing your IP strategy, we will consider all forms of IP – patents, trade secrets, copyrights, designs, trademarks – how your IP Assets can be exploited, including how they figure into your product sales agreements – and your business competition and your IP competition. We can also provide you with comparable IP Asset data for your industry and for your closest competitors. If we requested, we can also develop a commercial exploitation strategy for your IP Assets themselves.

At Avancept, we shun the gimmicks that proliferate through the IP field. We won’t sell you an inflexible cookie-cutter strategy “product.” We won’t try to overwhelm you with a nebulous “secret sauce.” The main ingredients to our “secret sauce” are sound judgment, an ability to listen carefully, curiosity, and a pinch of creativity.

We have never provided any two companies with the same IP strategic advice. Why? Because in the mix of IP Assets, corporate strategies, business competitive environment, and IP competition, we have never found two companies faced with identical threats and opportunities. Our IP Strategy Services won’t provide you with a one-size-fits-all IP strategy shoe-horned into a planning document format that we’ve used for countless others.

We will provide you with a complete plan and not just a disconnected series of steps. The plan summary should dovetail perfectly with your other corporate goal and strategy summaries. Our aim is to intelligently link your IP Assets into everything else you do in a manner that provides you with a useable guide going forward.

Among other things, we can describe your IP Assets and develop appropriate IP brand imaging and related verbal attributes. We can summarize your IP Assets in a concise and visually compelling manner and develop a related description that can be delivered by your executives to prospective purchasers and others. We can counsel your executives on what to say and how to respond to questions about your IP Assets.

We believe in Open Innovation. We see innovation and invention as something akin to a precious spice that can be shared and/or traded with others as needed. Where appropriate, we can even suggest third-party IP Assets that could support your overall business plans and goals. Where appropriate, we may even suggest that you trade some of your IP Assets for something that will be of greater value to you. We are keen to find IP arbitrageur opportunities for our clients.

We understand and appreciate that the typical executive team has little time for understanding the company’s IP Assets and how best to exploit those assets. For this reason, so many companies have IP strategies that are completely disconnected from the company’s other business plans. Our aim in
providing this service is to allow our client’s executives to have a much better handle on their IP Assets and their role in the company by the time we have finished our work.

No company can afford to ignore any key asset, and IP Assets at their core are little different from a company’s other assets. Let us help you with your corporate IP strategy.

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