IP Budgeting & Planning Services

Avancept’s IP Budgeting Services have been designed to cut waste and unnecessary expenses from our client’s IP budgets. The service can also be used to align the client’s IP Asset development programs to a specific budget number as well.  If requested, we can also help clients make difficult choices when IP budgets more than waste and unnecessary expenses need to be cut.

We developed our IP Budgeting Services after recognizing how many IP Asset holders do not understand the full financial implications of the decisions made about their IP Assets.  Many companies do not understand the cumulative financial impact of patent annuity fees.  Other companies do not well understand the financial implication of decisions made on their behalf by their IP counsel – while other IP owners do not appreciate that their high-end outside IP counsel is essentially providing exactly the same services in exactly the same manner as many more cost-conscious service providers.  Among other things, our IP Budgeting Services reviews the decisions made by your external legal counsel and strives to help clients find the right mix of legal talents.  We aim to eliminate the mystery behind IP and allow our clients to control their key IP decisions.

As part of our IP Budgeting Services, we can also review your management and reporting framework to determine if any of your policies have unnecessarily negative impacts on your IP budget.  We have found for some clients that the very nature of their IP reporting structure and related policies adds unnecessary costs to the IP budget.  All things being equal, every dollar unnecessarily spent represents a dollar that could be more wisely spent on something else.

Avancept fully understands the costs associated with IP protection. We can help you determine which costs are needed, which costs are optional, and which costs represent pure waste. Avancept will remove all the mysteries behind your IP budget and its related expenses, and we will help you understand exactly what IP Assets you are receiving for the money you are spending. We strive to make your budgeting process completely transparent.

We can provide our IP Budgeting Services in a variety of modes.  In one mode, we can conduct an audit of your IP expenses and make budgeting and cost-cutting recommendations.  In another mode, you can give Avancept your target IP budget, and we can tell you how to achieve that budget under a variety of scenarios that will have the least impact on the overall quality and strength of your IP assets.

Avancept believes strongly in its IP Budgeting Services. Consequently, we are pleased to offer this service on the basis of a percentage of the costs you save, as well a traditional fee basis.

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