IP Audit & Corporate Governance Services

In Avancept’s governance service, our consultants will review and catalog your IP Assets, assist you in developing a plan for these assets and establish a corporate governance structure for your IP Assets.

Technology companies often realize that they know they have IP Assets but they do not know exactly what they are. Avancept’s IP Audit Service aims to help companies catalog and understand their IP Assets.  Once the assets have been identified, then Avancept works with the client to provide an appropriate corporate governance structure for these IP assets going forward.

As has often been reported, intangible assets comprise the lion’s share of value for the companies that comprise the S&P 500.  For technology companies, their largest intangible assets comprise their IP Assets.  Waste of corporate assets is already a recognized cause of action that can be brought by disgruntled investors, and compliance laws like Sarbanes-Oxley add another layer of accountability.  As a technology company, you simply need to know what your IP Assets are and how you use them in your business.

Avancept’s IP Audit Services

IP Assets are sometimes difficult to define and therefore hard to locate. Even issued patents can be forgotten, and finding unreported inventions may require more than a bit of sleuthing.  Articulating valuable corporate know how and identifying trade secrets cannot often be done easily.  We will help you find and identify your IP Assets.

Once we have found them, we can assist you in evaluating the usefulness of those IP Assets to your business.  We can provide guidance in how you can further perfect your protection of the identified IP Assets.  Avancept can give you all the guidance and tools that you will to manage your IP Assets going forward, including guidance in setting up management, accountability, and reporting structures.

Avancept’s IP Governance Services

We provide flexible governance structures that not only provide transparency and accountability but also work with the client’s overall reporting structure to provide a reporting mechanism that makes sense for the client.  Once in place, the governance structure should allow the company to understand what its IP Assets comprise, how those assets are being used, and how those assets will be managed over time. We will also help you develop performance indicators based on real criteria and not gimmicks.

Where desired, we are well equipped to provide all the education and training that you might want for your staff members in carrying out the IP structures that you adopt.  For example, we can train your staff in how to find hidden IP in your company long after we have completed our audit services and provided you with our governance program.

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