IP Asset Development

Avancept’s consultants have many years of experience helping clients develop their IP assets.  We wrote the World Intellectual Property Organization’s training manual for training new patent agents.  At Avancept, we know and understand the many and varied forms of intellectual property and how to deliver the best possible protection of IP Assets at an affordable price.

We are pleased to help clients develop their IP Assets.  In many instances, the first step in developing a client’s IP Assets comprises recognizing, cataloging, and rating the company’s existing IP Assets.  We have found that many clients have unintentionally cast an overly narrow net in defining their IP Assets. Other clients have mistakenly applied overly restrictive metrics in ranking and rating their IP Assets. Avancept helps its clients breakthrough misunderstandings about IP Assets and develop a core set of IP Assets with the aim of maximizing overall corporate value.

Once a client knows and understands its IP Assets, we can assist the client in protecting those assets. Avancept can help clients rank their IP Assets so that they will fully understand the cost implications of protecting their IP Assets.  Thus, our clients will understand the full financial implications of the IP Assets they opt to exploit.

Finally, Avancept can provide services such as drafting and prosecuting patent applications, protecting copyrighted materials, and developing trade secret protection programs.  We can also represent our clients in licensing negotiations related to IP Assets as well.

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