Invention Harvesting

Avancept provides a unique IP Asset harvesting service focused on identifying, developing, and protecting intangible assets. Our service captures latent innovations in a business’ ongoing development activities and can be used to stimulate cross-functional teams in the development of forward-looking IP assets.

Technology companies may find that regular IP Harvesting ensures that a greater amount of intellectual property generated by a company’s R&D teams is identified, categorized, and appropriately protected than often occurs when relying solely on conventional reporting systems. We support various forms of IP Harvesting which captures not only existing innovation but may also stimulate the formation of new ideas that are relevant to future business goals.

The resulting IP assets can be documented and filed with appropriate patent offices or protected as a trade secret. We have optimized well known techniques that allow innovations to be ranked against each other to ensure that the most important ones are appropriately protected. Our scoring and ranking process also allows companies to make thoughtful choices in protecting their IP assets.

IP harvesting solves the problem of lost and unidentified IP assets. Engineers and managers often focus on today’s new issues rather looking at tomorrow’s intellectual property. IP harvesting provides an opportunity to create a valuable asset for the company, especially for companies where lack of cash and limited resources often drives the priorities away from taking appropriate steps to protect an invention.

By creating an environment where a cross functional team of engineers, marketing personnel and managers explore future ideas, the harvesting process can effectively develop innovations that are important for the future of the company. The methods ensure that ideas are sufficiently focused to support the business goals of the client.

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