Asset Acquisition & Disposition Service

Our consultants have the skills to assess the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of an IP portfolio, together with an ability to identify companies that would benefit from all or parts of the portfolio.

This assessment results in a targeted approach to the liquidation of IP assets leading to a higher return. We also provide a similar targeted service for IP acquisition to build out a client’s portfolio.

We strive to provide purchasers with a diligence report that looks like the diligence information that they receive from their experts in other fields. We can provide all the formal legal advice that our client’s require, but we can also provide them with practical advice that’s delivered in the same manner and format as the client’s other business advisors.

If the purchaser’s acquisition team is constructing an analytical model of the potential acquisition, we make every effort to provide work product that can be plugged into the purchaser’s model.

In addition to looking at the IP Assets core to the acquisition, we also look at the seller’s overall approach to IP issues, including aspects such as strategy, governance, and responses to third-party risks. We can focus on any aspects of the seller’s IP Assets requested by the client.

At the beginning of a new project, we work with the client to determine precisely the kind of results and guidance needed. In all our work, but especially in our due diligence efforts, we strive to make sure that the client fully understands up front what we will investigate. In addition to investigating the target’s IP, we also tend to look for potential third-party IP threats to the business being acquired.

Many technology companies find it difficult to maximize the value of their IP Assets during acquisition. Similarly, many technology companies have trouble explaining the potential IP risks to their business in a manner that satisfies the concerns of the potential buyer. Finally, technology companies often miss the opportunity to expose their potential acquirers to all the company’s IP Assets, thus excluding these assets from the final price.

We know that the typical seller has more tasks to complete during an acquisition than time permits. Our goal is to off-load IP-related tasks from the executive team. Among other things, we can help sellers describe their IP Assets and develop appropriate IP brand imaging and related verbal attributes. We can summarize your IP Assets in a concise and visually compelling manner and develop a related description that can be delivered by your executives to prospective purchasers and others. We can counsel your executives on what to say and how to respond to questions.

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